Buy FCAP Array online and get instant access to the most up to date multiplex analysis software.
FCAP Array Infinite™
New version of FCAP Array Software, is available now
New version of CellCap Software, v3 is available now
New innovative lab application, WellLight™
Soft Flow provides

Software solutions for flow cytometry data analysis

Multiplex assay kits for flow cytometers

Complete ELISA KITs for analysis of mycotoxins

Monoclonal antibodies for mycotoxins, antibiotics and hormones

Soft Flow is an innovative R&D and software company that brings elegant yet simple solutions to research oriented clients. Our company, leading experts in development of Bead-Based Detection Methods (Multiplex Matrix Assay) and Intracellular Protein Analysis, focuses on providing the highest quality analytical solutions within the flow cytometry platform and with unique software applications. More>>

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