FCAP Array Infinite

FCAP Array Infinite, the latest version of the already popular multiplex assay analysis software offers unmatched features. It is graphically focused user friendly interface software for flow cytometers. It assists with elegant experimental definition structure and straightforward step by step analysis process. Some new features include option to use background samples, weighting of standard fitting curves, publication ready chart presentation, multiple file export formats and designing experiment layout by drag and drop FCS files. It also contains built-in test tools for clustering and FCS file viewing.

FCAP Array software is dedicated to manage micro-bead based multiplexed analysis. They can detect and make quantitative analysis of multiple analytes. FCAP Array analyzes FCS files saved by acquisition software in FCS2.0, 3.0, 3.1 file format. It finds clustered bead populations based on cluster assigned fluorescence. Analyte-specific binding concentration is reported by detecting antibody fluorescence.

FCAP Array software reads FCS data files, locates clusters with labeled analytes, and then measures antibody concentration for each analyte. A standard curve is used to calculate the concentration for each of the measured analytes in a sample. The curve used to fit the standard graph is selected from the best mathematical models (4P Logistic, 5P Logistic and more).

Qualitative analysis determines whether a specific type of analyte exists in a sample based on known controls. FCAP Array software can determine analyte existence for many analytes (up to 72 beads) per sample. Controls can be positive or negative. The control data is used to determine MFI cutoff values for each analyte. Test sample results are based on the cutoff values. For more information on how qualitative assay cutoff values are determined, see your reagent product insert.

One of the new features is analyzing beads that have two reporter parameters. The second reporter parameter is set to quality control analysis. FCAP Array software checks if the MFI values are within the user-defined range. Values that are out of range are shown in the results and reports.

Flexibility increases because the technology can be customized to the user’s specific bioassay needs by developing further multiplex assays on uniquely colored beads.

FCAP Array contains all the application tools required for rapid, efficient and complete multiplexed assays performance.

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  • BD FACS Instruments
  • BD Accuri C6 Instrument
  • iCyt ec800
  • Stratedigm Instruments
  • Beckman-Coulter Instruments
  • Luminex Instruments
  • Partec Instruments

CPU - Intel Pentium® 4 (2 GHz or equivalent)

RAM - 512 MB or higher

Video RAM - 16 MB or higher

Hard drive - 50 MB for installation

Monitor - XGA, 1024 x 768 pixels or higher (1440 x 900 recommended)

Internet connection - Required for license check

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)