Startup and authentication of FCAP Array Infinite Software

This section describes the process of starting and authenticating FCAP software.
NOTE: Once the FCAP has been installed the software license needs to be authenticated.

Installing FCAP Array Infinite

To install FCAP Array Infinite software, take the following steps:

  • Download FCAP Software from the following link:
  • Fill in your details Name, Company and Email address and click on Get download link button, then on the next page click on FCAP Array Infinite Release Installer link.

  • Click on the Save File button.
  • Ensure that no other programs are running.
  • Locate the FCAP Array Infinite Installer.exe file and double-click on the file then click Run.
  • Click Next on the installer Welcome screen.
  • Read the license information, then select I Accept and click Next.

  • Change the destination folder for FCAP Array Infinite software if necessary and click Install, however we recommend you accept the default location.
  • Click Finish to exit the installer and start using FCAP Array Infinite software.
  • The Read Me PDF file should start automatically if the Read Me file checkbox was ticked, if not please install Acrobat Reader.
  • The Activation dialog box will request your Product Key, see below.

Authentication of FCAP Array Software (1st time).

Purchase a payment plan for the use of FCAP Array Infinite Software

Purchase subscription from the following link:

Once you have received your Product key via email.

Click the Activate button after entering Product key in the Activate dialog box.

NOTE: Please visit our website to view our pay-as-you-go payment options at

Your software will be valid for the duration of your payment option, once expired, please renew!

Enjoy the software and explore the results of your experiment(s).

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