About the company:

Since the beginning "Innovation by creativity", the creed of Soft Flow Hungary Ltd., has always spurred all the employees of the Company to reach further and further goals in the field of biotechnology research, development and innovation (R+D+I).

The development of Soft Flow Hungary Ltd. over the past 20 years has been virtually unbroken, thanks to this the Company - an enterprise with 30 employees - has grown into an internationally recognized R&D group.


  • Biotechnology Research and Development
    • Antibody development
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Molecular Biology
    • Assay development
  • Bioanalytical Services
    • Mycotoxin reference lab
    • HCS
  • Reagent Production
  • Reagent Trade
  • Software Development

The fact that Soft Flow Hungary Ltd. possessed 20 years of experience in research and development, prompted the interest of a Danish company, which is present in 28 countries around the world, and is a market leader in the production of analytical instruments and solutions used in agriculture and food industry,. Between the two companies, a strategic co-operation started in the area of food and feed analysis in 2012. As a result of several years of cooperation in research and development, FOSS acquired the biotechnology company located in Pécs in March 2016, and with this acquisition Soft Flow Hungary has been firmly placed on the world map of this industry.

Our company plans to expand in the near future, new processes being introduced in our R&D laboratory (including molecular biology laboratory and animal facility).