Conjugation- and Organic Chemistry

An essential component of modern biotechnology developments is the design and creation of various bioconjugates. Whether it is antibody development, elaboration of immunoassays or other imaging methods, it is necessary to create the most suitable reagent / conjugate.

In our lab we have techniques that, depending on the future application, bind the target molecules to carrier proteins, dye molecules or enzymes. Our instrumentation allows proper purification of the prepared reagents using HPLC and other methods.

Our skilled staff, in addition to the development of protein-protein, protein-small molecule or small molecule-small molecule conjugates, is also experienced in immobilizing the desired particles on the surface of micro- and nanoparticles as well as other solid phases.

In order to implement said binding methods, in most cases, it is necessary to modify the structure of the molecules to be labeled and to create new functional groups. For this, the organic chemistry background, which is also included in our company’s portfolio, is indispensable.