FCS Filter


There are cases when disturbing events getting among data may obstruct the regular automatic processing of data files during measurement. In such cases FCS Filter can be of great help for clearing the files.
FCS Filter is freely available for the cytometric community.
FCS Filter runs on Windows operating system.


  • Removing debris or other disturbing populations from collected events
  • Working with data files created by any device
  • 1P (interval) or 2P (polygon) gating
  • Normal or inverse gating
  • Savable filter gates
  • Saves the results of filtering into separated FCS 2.0 data files
  • Customizable names for filtered files
  • Optional automatic keywords in the file header
  • Batch type automatic filtering on any number of files
  • Previous animated visual checking on the result of filtering
  • Built-in automatic warning on low event number
  • Wizard-like interface and easy to use design

If you need FCS Filter do not hesitate to download it. If you would like to know more about it, please see the FAQ or the Knowledge Base or feel free to contact us.


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