The first multiplexed cytometric bead assay kit for simultaneous detection of up to six mycotoxins


Fungi-Plex is the first, commercially available multiplexed cytometric bead assay kit for simultaneous detection of 6 mycotoxins (Aflatoxin B1,Deoxynivelenol, Fumonisin B1, Ochratoxin A, T2 toxin and Zearalenone) in food and feed products.

There is a 40% probability that your sample is contaminated with more than one mycotoxins. Have a closer look!

Fungi-Plex Kit manufacturing is based on two unique features: Soft Flow Hungary’s own high affinity detecting molecules and the company’s own proprietary software technology.

Speed/High Throughput

  • Fungi-Plex addresses the needs of applications requiring both multiplexing and high throughput (up to 600 samples per day) at the same time.
  • Due to robust multiplexing, Fungi-Plex delivers more data in less time than the traditional bioassay products, such as the ELISA and Microarray techniques.

Sensitivity, Reliability, Accuracy

  • The technology generates accurate quantification of the mycotoxins with high sensitivity and accuracy at low concentrations, close to the maximum ´tolerance levels´ of toxins.
  • Because each microsphere serves as an individual test, each measurement represents a large number of bioassays performed and analyzed simultaneously.

Versatility, Flexibility

  • The technology can be customized to regional mycotoxin limits and regulations. The technology details can also be customized for specific local and industry needs.
  • Fungi-Plex has a 12 months shelf-life.


  • Data analysis and report generation is automatic with FCAP Array software.

Fungi-Plex System

Fungi-Plex system is a flow cytometry based technology, that allows you to manage the mycotoxin measurement from the beginning to the end across a whole procedure. It consists of

– the Fungi-Plex kits,
– the WellLight , which guides you through protocols,
– a flow cytometer and
– the FCAP Array powerful analysis software, which makes evaluation more automated and easier.


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