Monoclonal antibody development and production

Soft Flow distributes one of the largest selections of anti-mycotoxin monoclonal antibodies for food safety testing. The antibodies are manufactured by Soft Flow Biotechnology, Ltd. This product line includes specific antibodies for antibiotics and hormones as well.

Soft Flow Hungary Research and Development Ltd. also recognized the importance of the problem and developed, by utilizing grants and investing significant resources of its own, the Toxi-Watch ELISA Kits, which are capable of the rapid and effective, quantitative detection of the most important mycotoxins at competitive prices.

Our Products:

  • Monoclonal anti-Aflatoxin B1 antibodies
  • Monoclonal anti-Deoxynivalenol antibodies
  • Monoclonal anti-Zearalenone antibodies
  • Monoclonal anti-Ochratoxin A antibodies
  • Monoclonal anti-T2 toxin antibodies
  • Monoclonal anti-Fumonisin B1 antibodies
  • Monoclonal anti-P4 antibodies