Mycotoxin Reference Lab

Due to plant cultivation practices and changes in weather conditions, plants / crops are attacked by fungi. The quantification of mycotoxins - toxic, secondary metabolites of fungi (molds) - in agricultural products / crops is of great importance. In addition to the risks to food and feed safety, the statutory limits also induce industry participants to check these toxins in quantitative terms. The wide range of testing possibilities allows us to select the measurement method that best suits the particular circumstances.

Our laboratory has two methods for mycotoxin measurements. In addition to simple Immuno-affin Rapid Methods (ELISA), the mycotoxin content of crops is analyzed by a reference method (HPLC). In accordance with the official methods of mycotoxin analysis standardized by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC), quantitative measurements of 6 kinds of mycotoxins are carried out using high performance liquid chromatography.