IMP3rove assessment

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  • Jan 3, 2016

The assessment of the innovation capability of our company has been completed with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya, for which we would like to express our thanks. The survey was conducted by a staff member of the Enterprise Europe Network from Győr by using the International Innovation Management consulting methodology, which helps to determine strengths and weaknesses in innovation processes, and makes it possible to identify the areas within the company, where changes may be needed, which should be further developed in order to insure that the positive economic impact of innovation should prevail as much as possible.

We are pleased to note that the survey made an overall positive statement on our innovation ranking and performance.

The main conclusions and proposals of the summary evaluation are the following:

  • Our company’s innovation performance is outstanding in all benchmark groups, and except for innovation results, it exceeds that of the Growth Champions in all areas.
  • Our company is capable of marketing a product or service in much shorter time than its competitors. This may provide a significant competitive advantage.
  • The number of ideas raised and registered yearly, which serve as the base for innovation projects, is significantly lower than the values of both domestic and foreign competitors.
  • It is recommended that a kind of vision should be formulated beyond the quality policy, a perspective that places innovation in the center.
  • In order to improve innovation outcomes, it is recommended that market research should be performed in the sector or perhaps in the geographical region.
  • Another way of improving our innovation results is to successfully obtain R&I grants.

The evaluation assessed five dimensions; the spider diagram shows our performance on each dimension:

The assessment proposed development opportunities in some areas to enhance our research and development and innovation activities, contributing to the successful conduct of R&D&I projects and to the increased level of the innovative results.

In details:

IMP3rove assessment results.pdf