Acquisition of Biotech Company in Hungary

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  • Mar 16, 2016

With the acquisition of the Hungarian company 4 March, Soft Flow Hungary LtD., FOSS welcomes 22 new colleagues.

With the acquisition of Soft Flow, FOSS gets extra fuel for achieving our strategic focus on food safety. Our role in the global market is to develop and market analytic solutions that help our customers to maximize efficiency, improve quality and ensure food security.

Niels Degn, SVP Research & Development at FOSS says: “We are very happy to announce that we have signed a contract with Soft Flow and can thus welcome our new colleagues into the FOSS family. We have for more than 3 years been working closely with Soft Flow on a specific project and we are convinced that they are a perfect match for FOSS; both regarding competencies but also in the way we are working and innovating.”

The more than 20 new R&D employees in Soft Flow, is expected to strengthen the innovation power of FOSS, where every 6th employee is already working with research and development. Soft Flow was founded in the USA in 1988, moved to Hungary in 1992 and is now situated in Pécs..

“With this acquisition, we gain access to competencies that can further boost the implementation of our new strategy as we continue to have a strong focus on food safety”, Niels Degn continues.

Soft Flow – headquartered in Hungary – is a leading biotechnology company in the fields of flow cytometry and food/feed safety. The company has 20 years of experience in R&D and cooperation with the market leaders in the flow cytometry and also in the food/feed safety industry.

Gyorgy Lustyik, former CEO of Soft Flow Hungary believes that “The cutting edge analytical cytology research and development at Soft Flow Hungary is a perfect complement to the food/feed safety project of FOSS. This transition will certainly strengthen the positions of the biotechnology industry in the region. Soft Flow operated in a strong academic network in the past, and it will open new opportunities for cooperation with research groups of University of Pécs and the Szentágothai Research Centre.”

“We are very proud of the work the Soft Flow team has done developing the microbead assay technologies,” said Arpad Czéh, vice president of Soft Flow Hungary Ltd , “We are excited to become a part of the team of a global company which is the world’s leading provider of analytical instruments for the food and agricultural industry”

About FOSS

FOSS is the world’s leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector primarily in milk, grain, feed, meat and wine. 80% of all traded grain on the world market is analysed with a FOSS solution and 85% of the world’s milk is tested by a FOSS solution. Our global customers represent some of the biggest players in the dairy, food and agriculture market and shares challenges in areas such as food security, scarcity of raw materials, animal welfare, environmental degradation and overpopulation.

Our role is to develop and market analytical solutions that help our customers to maximize efficiency, improve quality and ensure the integrity of the food chain. FOSS is 100% family owned and was founded in 1956 by Nils Foss. FOSS had a turnover in 2014 of over 1.7 billion.dkr., has more about 1400 employees, of which 600 is in Denmark, in development and manufacturing sites in Denmark and China and 28 sales and service companies worldwide.