FOSS invests heavily in biotech R&D in Hungary

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  • Feb 6, 2018

FOSS achieved record results in 2016 with a revenue of over 2 billion DKK - a growth that has continued in 2017. The Danish headquartered FOSS has a long tradition for working with biotechnology and merged with Soft Flow 2 years ago - an international recognized biotech company, situated in Pécs, Hungary. Now, FOSS is ready to invest heavily in Soft Flow. With a plan to hire +100 new employees by 2020 in biotech and software, FOSS is also building completely new modern facilities.

Before the acquisition almost 2 years ago, FOSS and Soft Flow collaborated for several years on R&D projects and the strategic fit has proven to be very strong. Some of FOSS’ long standing and major traditions in biotechnology research are areas like bacterial counting and somatic cells in milk and similar tasks; on the other hand, Soft Flow is the leading biotechnology company in feed and food safety as well as in assay development, and has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

FOSS' role in the global marketplace is to develop and market analytical solutions that help food producers maximize the production, improve quality, food safety and minimize food waste. For more than 60 years, FOSS has been the global market leader in analytical solutions for the food industry, has more than 40.000 customer worldwide and more than 1400 employees globally.

“FOSS is a family owned company, which means that we invest and think long-term. We believe in Soft Flow as a company, and see a great future within biotech. FOSS has been very successful in growing the business the last years, and now we are ready to invest heavily in biotech and to develop our R&D activities in Soft Flow further”, says Niels Degn, Senior Vice President R&D, FOSS.

With 100 new employees follows new facilities

Together with Soft Flow, we have seen extensive progress and accelerated results. Today, Soft Flow employs more than 30 talented people, and the plan is that the future organization will cover more than 120 employees.

“Today, we have 33 colleagues working in Soft Flow, and by 2020 we plan to be around 120. This means that we over the coming years will hire around100 new colleagues within biotech, software etc. I am very happy to share, that we will also build completely new, large accommodations in Pécs in a modern, open Scandinavian style”, says Niels Degn, Senior Vice President R&D, FOSS.

FOSS will build a 2000 m2 large building on a 6.600 m2 building plot just West of Pécs and in easy distance to the University of Pécs.

“We are very happy to have found our future location in the Western part of Pécs, easy accessible for our employees, suppliersand partners, and at the same time close to the University of Pécs.We want to create the modern and open working environment that FOSS is known for, in a brand new building, dedicated for R&D, biotech services and reagent production for global distribution. I am very excited about these new prospects”, says René Fuhlendorff, CEO at Soft Flow,and General Manager at FOSS.

The new building will include offices, meeting rooms, SW development, R&D laboratories, facilities for simulations, mechanical engineering to reagent production with the necessary Service- and Quality Control laboratoriesallowing for release and distribution of goods. We expect the buildingto be ready December 2019 and we have found interim solutions in the transition period.

Expansion of FOSS in Hungary

HIPA, the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency, has proved to be anexcellent support and professional partner for FOSS in thedecision process to expand further in Hungary. The decision settles a 1-year long search process for an optimal space meant for an additional R&Dlocation within the EU zone. During the process, FOSS has evaluatedthe majority of the countries withinthe EU zone and finally, with the support of HIPA, the decision landed on Pécs.

“Another key reason for us to expand in Pécs is the very good and long-term cooperation with the university that Soft Flow has. Knowledge is of outmost importance to us and the very key to unlock the potentials in biotech. There is a lot of exciting research that we can work on in collaboration withthe University of Pécs”, says Niels Degn.

The University of Pécs has a special focus on Biotech and Software development, both areas where FOSS is planning large extensions.