Toxi-Watch ELISA Kit

The Toxi-Watch ELISA Kit is a competitive immunoassay (EIA) for the quantitative analysis of Ochratoxin/Fumonisin/Zearalenone/DON/Aflatoxin/T2, occurring in cereals and feed. The provided materials are sufficient for the analysis of 80 samples. Microplate photometer is necessary for the quantitative measurement. Special training is not required for experienced laboratory technicians to perform the test.

The test is based on the antigen–antibody reaction. Microtiter plate wells are coated with Streptavidine, in which pipette the toxin standards or templates, and the conjugate. These components compete for the antigen-binding places of the toxin-specific biotinylated antibody (competitive EIA). Contemporarily the antibody is intensely bounded on the surface of the wells. All the non binded conjugates are eliminable with the following wash.



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