Soft Flow introduces WellLight™, An Innovative Laboratory Tool to Guide Planning, Execution and Documentation of Microplate Based Quality Managed Bioassays

WellLight™ is a revolutionary solution to an old challenge, to eliminate tedious errors associated with repetitive pipetting.

In the world of biotechnology, scientists are striving for high content assays that are reproducible, accurate and cost effective.  In both research and clinical laboratories many of the new biomarker protocols are complex.  In the high throughput pharmaceutical industry rapid automated pipetting systems with robot controlled sequential protocol management are available and are cost effective.  Until now, small and medium size laboratories were faced with a problematic situation; individually managed assays, repeated manual pipetting with complex protocols.

WellLight™ with a unique three part strategy (TPS) supports laboratory experiment design and execution, when using microplates. The WellLight™ system helps to accomplish complex assays, assuring accuracy during multi-well pipetting procedures.  This revolutionary TPS tool has three components; software that assists with protocol design, a device that fits under the microplate as a well-by-well reagent(s) dispensing guide, and provides guidance for technical documentation that is essential for quality managed assay protocols.  For example Well Light™ is an ideal tool to assist with standard and research ELISA procedures. WellLight™, is an indispensable tool in a laboratory committed to quality managed protocols employing manual microplate processing.

Advantages of Using WellLight

  • An affordable application device for any size laboratory
  • Connect easily to most computers
  • Compact, light and portable
  • The device is resistant to most biomarker laboratory environment exposure
  • Maintenance free
  • Designed to support most quality managed laboratory system

User friendly application device to guide you through countless experiments

  • Provides guidance with protocol design
  • Assists with result printing
  • Records and stores step-by-step manipulation documentation
  • Via USB manages communication between device and computer
  • A glowing set of lights guide the operator well-by-well according to protocol


How To Start:

How to create your first protocol:


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