Avidin coated microspheres: Eleven (11) bead clusters in one fluorescence channel (>640 nm)


The avidin-biotin system is increasingly used in biological application from immunological assays to cell labeling and cell sorting. Redavin has minimum emission at 700 nm, and can be excited with either 488 or 633 nm lasers. Emission can be collected at >640 nm (FL3 channel in BD FACSCalibur™). Due to little or no emission in the FITC and PE channels, these fluorescent dyes can be utilized as reporter parameters. Redavin microshperes containing Duke carboxyl microbeads provide ten levels of red fluorescence for analysis of ten analytes.

4.0 μm avidin coated microbeads manufactured by our R&D laboratory enable high affinity binding of different biotinylated molecules such as antibodies, proteins or nucleic acids.


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