Our company is committed to contribute to the successful activities and development of partners, by using a strict quality assurance system, and the best available technical background, based on the rich intellectual capital of the employees, developing the latest technologies, products and tools. At the heart of our laboratory and software development activity, there is a highly efficient cell analysis process, the multiplex matrix microbead technology. Our kits and analysis software are applied and distributed by leading companies all over the world.

Our company’s principle activity includes research and development of methods employing biophysics, integration database programs to provide tools for biotechnology. In addition, the company is engaged in clinical diagnostics, immunological tests and food safety product development and production for both European and USA market.

We focus on providing the highest quality analytical solutions within the flow cytometry platform and with unique software applications. Our 20 years of experience in flow cytometry enable us to offer efficient services using cellular and multiplexed microbead array technology customized to meet your needs and budget. Understanding and accommodating your needs for reliable and responsive services is our most important goal.

The main focus of our lab service is to offer to our clients an integrated, cost effective specialized flow cytometry based service delivered with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Soft Flow Hungary Ltd’s progress is based on the outstanding talent and professionalism of staff, which provides a guarantee that our partners can rely on us for years to come.


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