Soft Flow welcomes you to enter partnership opportunities for strategic development in research and marketing.

We would once again take the liberty of inviting you to join us in our business endeavors. Soft Flow is a leading research based life sciences and healthcare company headquartered in Pecs, Hungary and Mineapolis, USA.

We have focused our skills and resources at developing software applications for flow cytometry, ELISA technology, Screening Assay Kits, antibodies and innovative lab utilities. We look forward to expand and reach out globally catering to different clients and customers worldwide in the field of multiplexed-cytometric assay technologies, ELISA. Soft Flow has continually invested in developing technologies for research based fields and is aimed at transforming into a diversified global life sciences company.

Thus we are open to new innovative business and research ideas in all progressive and promising fields of life sciences. You can choose between a fee for service relationship or risk sharing collaborations for your interest of work. Also, we are looking for worldwide partners to develop and manage a network of sale and distribution for our products.

Soft Flow will treat your interests and working with utmost confidentiality and commitment. Our team hopes for a great working experience with your company. If you are interested to collaborate with Soft Flow, you can inform us at Contact Us page.

Kind Regards,
Gyorgy Lustyik, President, CEO
Soft Flow


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