Since 1991, Soft Flow offers innovative information technology solutions that increases the efficiency of your flow cytometry laboratory by getting the most out of your data. Our FCAP flow cytometry software family gives you the power to design your flow cytometry experiments, to accelerate your data analysis, and to simplify reporting.

With the objective of facilitating the routine work performed with cytometric bead array technology, Soft Flow developed the FCAP Array software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The software offers an automatic analysis and report generation for simultaneous detection of several analytes from samples processed with microspheres. This highly sensitive multiplexed analyte assay – frequently referred to as flow cytometry based suspension array technology (SAT) – may well become the ultimate immunoassay system in analytical cytometry.

FCAP Array Infinite Software

FCAP Array Infinite is Soft Flow’s new multiplex assay analysis software

FCAP Array is a powerful software designed for seamless analysis of flow cytometry data for polychromatic immunotyping and multiplexed immunoassays.

CellCap Software

CellCap v3 is a user friendly and flexible flow cytometry data analysis software

CellCap flow cytometry data analysis software offers an array of tools for effective data exploration and information presentation. It has the capacity for efficient management of data workflow, and to share information.

WellLight Lab Application

Soft Flow introduces WellLight, an Innovative Laboratory Tool to Guide Planning, Execution and Documentation of Microplate Based Quality Managed Bioassays

A combined hardware/software solution to complement routine microplate manipulation. WellLight, handy lab device using programmed light indicators helps manual pipetting when working with microplates.

FCS Filter Software

FCS Filter is our freeware software to eliminate debris from FCS data files. It saves filtered data in FCS 2.0 standard files.


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