Technical Support

Technical Assistance

If you have technical questions or need assistance in solving a problem, try the following:

  • Read the section of FCAP Array User’s Guide specific to the operation you are performing.
  • Visit the website of the manufacturer of the CBA product that you are using for notices, technical bulletins, and troubleshooting tips.
  • Read the User’s Guide of the flow cytometry instrument that you are using.
  • Read the Troubleshooting chapter of the FCAP Array User’s Guide.
  • If you find problems with the software and you need additional assistance, contact Soft Flow by e-mail or submit the Bug Report Form with the details.Notice.

    We suggest you to contact first BD Biosciences customer service if you purchased the software from BD Biosciences.

    When contacting BD Biosciences, have the following information available:

    • CBA product name
    • version of FCAP Array software you are using
    • name and version of acquisition software you are using
    • any error messages
    • details of recent software performance

    From within the US, call (877) 232-8995, prompt #2-2.

    For support from within Canada, call (888) 259-0187.

    For all other countries, contact your local BD Biosciences representative. Refer to the website,, for up-to-date contact information.

Reporting Bugs

We are grateful to our users for taking the time to send their questions, comments, suggestions and to report problems or bugs. If you have any suggestions or find problems with the software please send us an e-mail with the details or submit the form below.

Tips on submitting a bug report:

  • Save the Experiment in which the bug was found and e-mail the file to us.
  • Please tell us whether you could reproduce the bug. If so, list the steps that you took just before the problem occured.
  • Please tell us whether your computer is working fine otherwise.
  • Is the problem specific to one computer or is it affecting several computers?
  • Did you make changes in hardware/software recently?
  • Be as specific as possible.

Sending files:

  • Create a new folder and rename it using the “yymmdd yourname” format, where yymmdd is the date, and “yourname” is the name that you type into the Name field in the Bug Report Form
  • Copy all the files you would like to send us into that folder.
  • Compress the folder into ZIP format:
    • If you are using Windows XP, right-click on your folder and select the ‘Send To > Compresses (zipped) Folder’ option
    • Right-click on your folder and select the Add to yymmdd option, where “yymmdd yourname” is the name of your folder.
  • Please e-mail us the “yymmdd” file created.

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