FCAP v3.0.1 contains a dongle driver update which should solve your problem.

1 Q The assay in question was a human Th1/Th2 cytokine CBA kit from BD Biosciences. The samples were collected on a FACS Calibur using the Dual Laser Acquisition Template for CellQuest Pro. All samples acquired okay, however during the analysis in FCAP Array v1.0 I get several “Critical Errors”. It appears that the software is having difficulty differentiating several of the 6 different beads from each other. I can therefore not proceed with the analysis as the software will not generate standard curves. I have analyzed these data using FlowJo and can gate each of the six different bead populations and generate the MFI. Unfortunately, I do not own software to fit data to a 4-parameter logistics curve. Is there any way that you can assist me with this problem? FCAP Array v1.0 is running on a PC. I do have access to both PC and Mac systems.
A The clustering performs automatically in FCAP Array v3, so if it has failure, it means, that some of the standard measured FCS results are not good.You can download the „FCS Filter” free software to filter the debris from your data: http://softflow.com/downloads/free-fcs-utilitiesYou can find the FCAP Array v3 trial software through this link, which could handle (in the most case) clustering anomalies by filtering and manual (user defined) clustering functions.FCAP Array contains a cluster assignment algorithm, which makes the automathic cluster assignment through the standard- and test- sample files.
2 Q Can I analyse files acquired on an Accuri C6 cytometer using the BD CBA kit with FCAP Array?
A Yes, FCAP Array can read FCS files acquired with most commercial flow cytometers including Accuri.
3 Q I am using a kit of 7 analytes, all conjugated to PE (BD Cytometric Bead Array Mouse Th1/Th2/Th17 Cytokine Kit– catalog #560485). The software is telling me that it detects the 7 distinct clusters, but I cannot see them in the “plot” viewer, which means that I cannot assign the clusters to the corresponding analytes. What should I set for the following parameters: 1. scatter parameter, 2. number of scatter peaks, 3. clustering parameters, 4. reporter parameters?
A Scatter parameter: usually FSC or SSC Height parameter is chosen for it.User can define -for example- the type of beads in size in the measurement by the number of scatter parameter peaks.If the user suspects 2 peaks in the scatter, it mean that 2 different bead was used (4 um and 6 um) in the measurement.Clustering parameters: the fluorescent light of the bead stains for recognizing the different type of stained beads in the same size.

Usually FITC emits in the FL1 channel, PE emits in the FL2 channel etc… FCAP Array v3 handles 1 or 2 parameter(s) in the fluorescent clustering per bead group about the scatter parameter.

Reporting parameter: The analyte, which has different concentration in the standard row and you want to analyze. So Reporter is the analyte, your studied material was connected.

Second reporter parameter: The analyte, which has the same concentration in the standard row and in the samples you want to analyze. It checks the quality of your measurement, if the reaction was completed.

Check it, if you have filtered your events.

4 Q We are currently evaluating the FCAP Array software.  We are currently using BD reagents.  Some of our PIs are concerned that we could only use BD reagents with this software.  Have you validated any other company’s CBA beads and reagents with your software?
A FCAP Array isn’t designed for BD CBA kits, however it has a special support for BD FACSArray instrument. You can use our software to analyse your FCS 1, 2 or 3 data files and it also reads most of the non-standard FCS files, thus supporting the analysis of data acquired on most commercial flow cytometers.You can save your own templates according to your kits, so you can use them to simplify future analysis.Manual clustering is an important feature in FCAP v3. If the automatic clustering algorithm fails to find bead clusters, user can define the clusters manually (by drawing gates on a histogram or dot plot)
5 Q We recently purchased FCAP Array v1.0 and have noticed that you have an upgraded version 3.0 and we are very interested in obtaining this version. It looks like you have worked out a lot of issues with 1.0 and we are wondering if you have an upgrading option as opposed to buying the 3.0.
A We are pleased to inform you that FCAP Array upgrade version (FCAP Array v3) is available with discount for those users who purchased FCAP Array v1 or v2.Please see more information about FCAP Array v3 here:http://softflow.com/fcap-arrayYou can place your order online (in our webstore: http://softflow.com/store/software/) or via e-mail or by fax.
6 Q When I plug the dongle v3.0 in my win XP desktop, the system is requesting a driver for this “sentinel dongle”, but is not able to find it, even on the FACP Array CD ROM.Without this dongle correctly installed, I’m not able to run FACP Array in full mode.
A Please, download the latest version (v3.0.1) from the following URL:http://softflow.com/downloads/download-fcap-array/(You can always find the latest version of our software on Soft Flow’s website. Please reinstall the software in your computer after downloading it.)
7 Q We purchased v3. We have the software downloaded, but the hardware key is not recognized. Error message: “hardware key not found”. I tried all USB ports and we’ve tried this on 3 different PCs. “Found new Hardware Wizard” appears after plugging in USB key. Error “cannot install this hardware”. Is there something we’re not doing right?
A The hardware key (dongle) do not work in plug & play mode. Driver installation is needed, which is in the FCAP Array v3.0.1 setup file.Please download the latest version of FCAP Array v3.0.1 from the following link:http://softflow.com/downloads/download-fcap-array/
8 Q I have a general question about the compatibility of the different FCAP software versions with windows 7 and VISTA. Is it compatible and if yes are all verisons compatible?
A FCAP Array v1 is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows  7.FCAP Array v3 is compatible with Windows Vista or Windows  7.
9 Q We have recently bought FCAP software from you. After installation of software when I connect the dongle computer tries to install software but always fails. FCAP can only be started in Demo mode.
A Please download the version v3.0.1 from our website. (Downloads) After the successful download, please reinstall the software.
FCAP v3.0.1 contains a dongle driver update which should solve your problem.
10 Q I have a problem with the FCAP Array software. I have a dongle but when I start the program it says that it doesn’t recognize the dongle.
A Please try to reinstall the software.
Please check, if FCAP Arrya has a new version from the following link:
Please downlaod & install the last sentinel driver from the following link:

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