Toxi-Watch ELISA Kits

In our country, the public, producers and manufacturers, as well as the control authorities have increasingly been focusing attention on the monitoring of Fusarium and other fungal toxins in recent years. As human and animal health risks inherent in toxin contaminations have become better-known and more widespread, a complex regulatory system has been introduced in most stages of the food chain in order to prevent toxin contamination or maintain low toxin levels. Recommended production/manufacturing practices and a number of developments provide alternatives for the reduction of mycotoxin concentrations. Effective control and monitoring is essential for food safety analyzes, for further risk assessments and for the enforcement of regulations. Measurements are necessary and justified because the preservation of public health is our common interest, and at the same time, failure to implement adequate measurements may result in economic damages in sales.

Soft Flow Hungary Research and Development Ltd. also recognized the importance of the problem and developed, by utilizing grants and investing significant resources of its own, the Toxi-Watch ELISA Kits, which are capable of the rapid and effective, quantitative detection of the most important mycotoxins at competitive prices.

The Toxi-Watch Kit family is suitable for the quantitative analysis of mycotoxins (DON, Zearalenone, Fumonisin B1, T2 toxin, Aflatoxin B1 and Ochratoxin A toxins) in cereals and crops intended for human and animal consumption. All TOXI-WATCH products offered by us apply the same competitive immunoassay methodology in the case of each of the aforementioned mycotoxins. The principle of the measurement is based on liquid phase antigen-antibody bonds. Each kit contains a 96-well microplate. Application of the test kit at professional level and performing the measurements poses no difficulty for experienced operators.

  • Toxi-Watch, TOTAL AFLATOXIN ELISA Kit (96 wells)
  • Toxi-Watch, DEOXYNIVALENOL ELISA Kit (96 wells)
  • Toxi-Watch, FUMONISIN B1 ELISA Kit (96 wells)
  • Toxi-Watch, OCHRATOXIN A ELISA Kit (96 wells)
  • Toxi-Watch, T-2 TOXIN ELISA Kit (96 wells)
  • Toxi-Watch, ZEARALENONE ELISA Kit (96 wells)